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In July of 1992, my wife Susan and I co-founded the Aiki Centre of Canada. During its eight years of operation it was Windsor's largest full time Aikido and Yoga school. It may have been the largest dojo (school) of its kind in North America.

A picture of one of the Aiki Centre's Clinics

The Aiki Centre was dedicated to my late sister, Cathie. She had been a grade school teacher who had a special love for teaching and assisting students learn.

Over the years we also offered classes in T'ai Chi Chuan, Massage, Self-defense, and personal growth seminars. We even had a small store. At the time, the Aiki Centre was the only place outside of Toronto to get Yoga mats, books, or videos. One of the biggest benefits of the Centre was that we were able to host Aikido seminars that were taught by some of North America's and Japan's highest level of Aikido Instructors.

The name, Aiki Centre, was intended to be a blend of Japanese and Canadian culture. "Aiki" can be translated from Japanese as "the spirit of harmony". "Centre" was just as the name implies but with the distinctive Canadian "re". It was a name that also aptly applied to Yoga when the classes were finally introduced.

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