I became a Probationary Firefighter in July of 1980. This was a change from being a 1st Class Police Constable to the lowest rank of the Windsor Fire Service, a Probationary Firefighter.

After a Firefighter reaches the rank of 1st Class Firefighter and has at least five years fireground experience they have a choice to apply for any of the departments divisions which are:

  • Fire Fighting
  • Fire Inspection
  • Administration
  • Signals/Communications
  • Fire Prevention

Windsor Fire Aerial Truck

Check out Firefighter Promotions for more information on the exact process of admission and promotion. The vast majority of Firefighters choose to remain in the Firefighting Division.

I was one of those who chose to remain in the Firefighting Division. After 22 years I was promoted to Captain, who is in charge of a Fire Station. I have also qualified as a District Chief, who is generally in charge of half of the City's stations and also in charge of most emergency scenes.

Just as a side note - Over 20 years ago, when Canada's first female professional Fireman was hired by the Windsor Fire Department, the term Fireman changed to Firefighter.

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