Moving Up Through The Ranks


Firefighting. What can I say? It's a great job! It's a great career! It's exciting, scary, interesting, boring, challenging, and kind of cool.'s a really hard one to get.

But...they gotta hire somebody, so why not you?

Fire picture

The City of Windsor Personel Department provides all the information as to the requirements to being hired as a Firefighter.

After you're on the job for a while there are a series of promotional steps that you have to go through. Each has different requirements and the higher up you go, the longer it takes between promotions. The Windsor Fire Service counts seniority and experience as its greatest assets. However, you still have to pass the different types of examinations to be promoted. They are usually "written", "practical", and "oral board". If you successfully pass these exams you progress through the following levels:

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    Firefighter rankings:
    1. Probationary
    2. 4th Class Firefighter
    3. 3rd Class Firefighter
    4. 2nd Class Firefighter
    5. 1st Class Firefighter
    6. Captain
    7. District Chief
    8. Assistant Deputy Chief
    9. Deputy Fire Chief
    10. Fire Chief

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