The Ontario Police College is located in Aylmer, Ontario. In January of 1977, eleven new "Constables" of the Windsor Police Department, including myself, headed up there to begin our training.

OPC Crest

Ontario Police College Crest

The program at the O.P.C. was brand new. In fact, our class was the first to go through the new 15 week classroom and "hands-on" approach. The OPC itself was not only introducing this new program but the grounds themselves were physically changing. They had already prepared a brand new training facilty. A few of the things included were a pool, outdoor track, a shooting range, and a full size indoor training facilty complete with replicas of buildings to practice in. It also had its own bar and cafeteria which didn't hurt either. Construction was not quite finished though. We spent the first ten weeks sleeping in an old army barracks.

There is a lot that can be said about training at the OPC in those days. But perhaps the biggest thing that was happening then was the growing appearance in our line-ups of women and visible minorities. Long overdue, it was the beginning of cultural change in Policing. Some people welcomed it, some didn't know how to handle it. Most importantly, no one stopped it.

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